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The 'Nagas' were said to have ruled the region at that time.But in this case, the man who was arrested was puzzled that he was being charged at all, especially with a felony so severe that he could spend 15 years in prison if convicted on each of two counts.The track passed through the Nallamala Hills and as a result quite a few major engineering works were undertaken in the course of the railroad construction, the most impressive of them being the massive Dorabavi Viaduct and the Bogada Tunnel, both of them about 30 km from Nandyal.The old alignment between Gazulapalli and Diguvametta was abandoned and a new Bogada tunnel, about 1.6 km in length and a new Dorabavi Viaduct located at a much lower altitude were constructed at a huge expense.If you are planning to move on to a trip or go on a tour, then simply carry our calculator and get all the desired information.

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