Document dating examiners

However, it is not my practice to perpetuate litigation related to a document issue if the evidence does not allow for it.

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Ink recently placed on paper will have a higher evaporation rate than ink placed on the same page several months or years prior.

The majority of document examiners do not have the sophisticated laboratory equipment to date ink but will be able to provide the name of a reputable ink chemist.

Each case submitted to the laboratory is unique; however, the following is a typical procedure for some of the more common types of document examinations performed.

Throughout the entire process, your case examiner will be in direct communication with you.

One process used to determine if a ‘self serving’ entry was added to a document, is an analysis of the evaporation rate of ink.To learn more about our qualifications, please visit the Examiners page of our website or request a copy of our ‘Case Information Kit' which includes a fee schedule, curriculum vitae, and other useful information.Our fee schedule is straight-forward, flexible and offers you customizable service and payment options.Our procedure ensures each case is subject to meticulous, analytical scrutiny and receives consideration for all applicable scientific examinations. Initial Consultation An examiner is available for a free initial consultation where the specifics of your case are discussed.The two most important questions you may have at this stage are regarding credentials and fees.

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